Salud y Fármacos

Una organización internacional sin ánimo de lucro para fomentar el acceso y el uso adecuado de medicamentos entre la población hispano-parlante

About Us

Salud y Fármacos (SyF) is an international organization founded in 1998 to disseminate information about access and the appropriate use of pharmaceutical among Spanish-speaking populations.  In 2005, it was incorporated as a charity in USA.

In 1998, SyF started publishing Boletín Fármacos, a free-access electronic journal. In 2015, given the large amount of information on the topics of interest, each issue was split in four bulletins, one for each of its most important sections, and we identified them with the following names: Boletín Fármacos: pharmacovigilance and appropriate use of pharmaceuticals; Boletín Fármacos: Access and Economics; Boletín Fármacos: Ethics, Law and Clinical Trials; and Boletín Fármacos: Regulatory Agencies and Policies. Starting in 2019, the Boletín Fármacos: farmacovigilance and appropriate use of pharmaceuticals, will be divided in two: one about pharmacovigilance and another on appropriate use. Likewise, Boletín Fármacos: Ethics, Law and Clinical Trials will be split in two, one about Clinical Trials and another on Ethics and Law.

Salud y Fármacos conducts research aimed at exploring the reasons why almost two billion people lack access to needed medicines while many millions are over-medicated.  Improving the appropriate use of medications is as important as improving access. The inappropriate use of pharmaceuticals results in a waste of scarce resources and in an overuse of emergency care, hospitalizations and even deaths.




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