Salud y Fármacos is an international non-profit organization that promotes access and the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals among the Spanish-speaking population.


In 2007, Salud y Fármacos created the network RELEM (the Spanish acronym for The Latin American Network for Ethics and Pharmaceuticals, or the Red Latinoamericana de Ética y Medicamentos) and has been coordinating it.

RELEM is multidisciplinary group of professionals committed with promoting access and the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals from the perspective of ethics and human rights.

RELEM members include health professionals (pharmacists, physicians, dentists and nurses), sociologists, philosophers, public health specialists, lawyers, community developers, and community members who serve on bioethics committees. Members are from both public and private sectors, including universities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Various RELEM’ members attending a
workshop in Buenos Aires in 2008

The participants in the first Latin American Workshop on Ethics and Clinical Trials (May 12-13, 2008; Buenos Aires) gathered in a General Assembly signed the Declaration of Buenos Aires on Clinical Trials and Ethics available in Spanish at this link.

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