Salud y Fármacos is an international non-profit organization that promotes access and the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals among the Spanish-speaking population.

Contents Description

Since 2019 we publish six Boletines Fármacos in Spanish:

Boletín Fármacos Agencias Reguladoras y Políticas

Includes information about the regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical policies in different countries.

Boletín Fármacos Economía, Patentes y Precios

Includes information about Free Trade Agreements, patents and market exclusivity and their impact on access to pharmaceuticals.  Also discusses issues related to generic drugs, drug prices and their impact on accessibility, and the organization of the industry and the pharmaceutical marketplace.

Boletín Fármacos Ensayos Clínicos

About the globalization of clinical trials, ethical aspects; methodologies, including a discussion on the designs which may contribute to violations of the human rights of trial participants and compromise data quality; conflicts of interest in the approval and implementation of clinical trials; issues related to informed consent and regulation of clinical trials, clinical trial registries, and the dissemination of clinical trial results.  Of particular interest is information about the transparency of the regulatory agencies, of the pharmaceutical companies that sponsor the research, and of the Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

Boletín Fármacos Ética y Derecho

With information related to the behavior of the pharmaceutical industry and other pharmaceutical actors, conflicts of interest, publicity and promotion, adulterations and falsifications, and litigation.

Boletín Fármacos Farmacovigilancia

Includes information about issues with pharmacovigilance systems, market drug withdrawals, changes in drug labeling, adverse reactions and interactions, and precautions.

Boletín Fármacos Prescripción, Farmacia y Utilización

Includes information about the roles and behaviors of different actors (prescribers, distributors, pharmacists, and patients) and activities (prescribing, distributing, dispensing, and utilization) that have an impact in the appropriate use of medications, with recommendations on how these processes may be improved.

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