Salud y Fármacos is an international non-profit organization that promotes access and the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals among the Spanish-speaking population.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Salud y Fármacos is a not-for profit international organization founded in 1998 to disseminate information about access and the appropriate use of pharmaceutical among Spanish-speaking populations.

Salud y Fármacos is supported by a major donor, who has never had any relationship with the pharmaceutical or the health industry. In addition, we have received small private donations and grants to support our research, all of them free of conditionalities. We do not accept any funding from any industry or association related to the development, production, distribution, or dispensation of medications.

To remain free of conflicts of interests, we have taken the following steps:

  • We do not sell, lease of otherwise transfer subscriber’s addresses to any other persons or organizations.
  • None of the members of the Board of Directors, Editorial Board or the staff accept any gifts from pharmaceutical companies. They do not accept any invitations, and do not participate in any trips sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • We avoid recommending the use of any pharmaceutical products unless other conflict-free bulletins have done so.
  • We only accept original documents from authors who are free of conflicts of interest from the pharmaceutical industry, and request that they sign a conflict of interest form.
  • External reviewers for original articles are free of conflicts of interest and we request that they sign a conflict of interest form.
  • Occasionally, we publish documents written by authors form the pharmaceutical industry or in conflict with the pharmaceutical industry that are important to understand the behavior of the industry or its business model and position, and are not aimed at influencing any therapeutic choice. We often add a criticism of such behaviors.
  • All members of the Salud y Fármacos Board, the Editorial Team and External Authors sign a conflict of interest form, which is available upon request.
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