Salud y Fármacos is an international non-profit organization that promotes access and the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals among the Spanish-speaking population.

Relationships with other institutions

Salud y Fármacos has taken part in projects of mutual interest with (in alphabetic order):

AIS-Perú (Perú)
Autonomous University of Nayarit (Nayarit, Mexico)
Bioethics Network UNESCO
– Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health (CPATH) (USA)
Department of Bioethics at the University of Brasilia
El Bosque University (Bogotá, Colombia)
Farmamundi (Spain)
Gapurmed (Argentina)
General Office of Technology Transfer of the National Institute of Health (OGITT) (Perú)
Institut Borja de Bioètica (Barcelona)
International Society of Drug Bulletins
LAC-Global Alliance for Access to Pharmaceuticals
Ministry of Health in El Salvador
Misión Salud (Colombia)
National Institute of Public Health (Cuernavaca, Mexico)
National University of Lanus (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Public Eye (Switzerland)
Salud por Derecho (Spain)
Senate of the Colegio Médico de Puerto Rico
SOMO Organization (Holland)
WEMOS Foundation (Holland)

Responding to requests from Universities, Medical Associations, Governments and other organizations interested in promoting access and the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals, SyF has organized workshops, courses and individual presentations in Latin America, Europe, and the USA.

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