Salud y Fármacos

Una organización internacional sin ánimo de lucro para fomentar el acceso y el uso adecuado de medicamentos entre la población hispano-parlante


In 2007, Salud y Fármacos created the network RELEM (the Spanish acronym for The Latin American Network for Ethics and Pharmaceuticals, or the Red Latinoamericana de Ética y Medicamentos). RELEM is a forum for a multidisciplinary group of professionals who see a need to improve the availability and appropriate use of medications in Latin America. Its specific objective is to promote adherence to universal ethical principles and the protection of human rights in the research and development of pharmaceuticals, in ensuring access to necessary medications and in promoting the appropriate  prescription, dispensation ,utilization and disposal of pharmaceuticals. Since its creation, SyF has coordinated the network.

RELEM members include health professionals (pharmacists, physicians, dentists and nurses), sociologists, philosophers, public health specialists, lawyers, community developers, and community members who serve on bioethics committees.  Members are from both public and private sectors, including universities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

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